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About Luna Leona

Why am I doing this, and what is my goal? I was in a very abusive relationship in my teens, I’ve overcame a lot of things that no woman should ever have to – and in part of my journey, I’m hoping that I can spread awareness and reach out to young women in rough situations. I’m hoping to be able to coach women into living their happiest, healthiest, best life! I want to travel the world and teach yoga, eventually; while also doing workshops for young women who are overcoming abusive situations. My workshops will also be there to help just people in general who are battling mental health issues, and physical heath issues. I just want to make a difference in this beautiful world.😊 You are helping me by reading my blog posts, subscribing and providing support.😘 I will be pursuing a yoga teacher certification in the near future, while blogging my journey!🙌🏻 YouTube channel to come; LunaLeona IG: @lunaleona9 Thank you so much. --- LL 💜


Who Am I and What is Maelle Yoga, Really?

Hello, friends!
Firstly, welcome to my blog! I’m very excited that you are here!
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I am a 22 year old, Canadian woman; hoping to share my yoga journey with you, but for more reasons than you may think!
I have always loved yoga. For many years in my early teens, I practised at home.
When I turned 17, I fell into a very abusive relationship that caused me to lose my focus on yoga and I ended up suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Pain – in the end. I actually also suffer from Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis.
Now that I am almost 3 years out of that awful relationship, and in a loving, healthy relationship – I am trying to find myself again, hopefully through yoga. I am absolutely a beginner and I am hoping that through the next few years, I can help and connect with people through my blog – and maybe, eventually, get certified to teach yoga.

If you go to my About Me page, you can read how I would love to use yoga to help women everywhere!


I will also be blogging about random, healthy, happy, lifestyle-like things that I enjoy and believe will benefit my readers; with hope that you will enjoy following me and spreading love and positive energy with me!

Overcoming PTSD and other mental illnesses, along with Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Pain – will be one of my main focuses throughout this journey – and maybe I can help some of you do the same.
I have also suffered a miscarriage from trauma in my teens, and of course, as mentioned, I have experienced domestic violence – I may end up blogging about those things at some point, in hopes to help some women who may be dealing with either of those situations.
If I can overcome it, and manage my grief – which I did, and am still doing – then I’d love to help others do the same, as I know how difficult it is.

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I’d greatly appreciate your support and I look forward to this journey with you all!



xoxo – Maelle Yoga