Hello! Welcome to my About page!

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I am a 22 year old, Canadian who is hoping to share my yoga journey – along with many other things that I may find beneficial and want to share with my viewers!

If you want to know why I’m doing this and what my goal as a blogger is –

I was in a very abusive relationship in my teens, I’ve overcame a lot of things that no woman should ever have to – and in part of my journey, I’m hoping that I can spread awareness and reach out to young women in rough situations. I want to travel the world and teach yoga, while also doing workshops for young women overcoming abusive situations.
I am hoping to of course, first, learn all I can about yoga – as I am absolutely a beginner. Then, through yoga, I would love to help women everywhere find inner strength and empowerment, and rekindle their souls.

You are helping me by reading my blog posts and providing support. I will be pursuing a yoga teacher certification in the future, while blogging my journey!

Thank you so much. — Maelle Yoga





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